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Treading down the tracks from the village,
Walking past the graveyard, then feel a chill,
Standing before me lies a haunted house.
Should I stay 'till light of day, then see a thrill.

Shadows lurking all around,
The door closed soon in a bound.
Creeping noise sounded in my head
Like my soul being misled.

From dark to red, then laughter,
I feel the cold of wispy air.
My body falls, unable to see.
Darkness loomed around me for eternity . . .
I was inspired to write these lyrics after several years. The song I listened was a BGM from Kirby's Epic Yarn. I read one comment on YT, which seemed to be lyrics. But for some reason, one afternoon, one sentence hit me. And that night, I wrote them as I hear the song again. I think the lyrics fit the song. . . . .
BlackberryEnigma Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
GAAAH!! I was thinking about making lyrics to this very song... but NOOOOOoooo.... you had to do it first. DAMN!..jk. you did a good job with it!
ByakuganAcolyte Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2011
Coincidence, mainly.
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